We believe that when a child learns to dance they must also express something of themselves. We aim to develop the personality in your children and teach them how to present themselves, as well as musical expression.

Besides ballet steps they will learn how to tell a familiar story in dance and to express their own culture as well as that of others through dance.


We want your children to understand what they are doing and why and how their body is working to achieve this. From day one they will learn that every step and position has a name and these can be joined together in many different ways.

From Grade 2 they will learn how to work out some of these for themselves and perform them on their own.


Whether in class, in the examination room or on the stage, we believe in the importance of encouraging your children to give to the best of their own ability, and assessment is based on their own personal achievement.

Every child is an individual and what may be easy for one may be a milestone for another. We recognize this and give praise where it is due and constructive criticism where it is needed.


Children should enjoy learning to dance beyond just moving to the music. While there are many different exercises that must be practiced first, these are varied so that each week the class will be a little different.

A child who is stimulated will learn more readily and perform better. We want your child to leave class with a sense of achievement and come back next week ready to achieve more.